Ringing of Bell- An essential activity during Puja

Ringing of Bell- An essential activity during Puja

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Bell is a part of the Puja or Aarti in Hindu house. Bell consists of 3 parts the Tongue which denote Goddess Saraswati, the Handle which is used in holding the bell and the body which denotes time.

The ringing of the bell is an indication that the devotee wants the God whom he worships to know his presence. Apart from it, Bell has a spiritual significance also.

Puja is considered to be activity through which we worship the almighty. There are a lot of things which are required for performing this Puja. Some of them are Diya or Deepak, the deity to be worshipped, Camphor, Agarbatti, ghee, cotton wicks and Bell.


Bell or Ghanta is hung at the entrance of temples. Before entering the temple, the devotee rings the bell in order to inform the devotee. In Hindu houses where there is a Mandir, a person of house gather and ring the bell during and before the Aarti is sung. This makes the devotee concentrate and pleases the deity to accept the worship.


The typical bell is having 3 parts. The handle of the bell is used to ring the bell and represents Hanuman, Garuda, Nandi or Chakra. The Body of bell represents time-Ananta.  And finally, the tongue of Bell represents Goddess Saraswati.


It is also said that ringing of the bell during Puja produces the sound of “OM”’ - The Eternal sound.  This sound also wards off the negative energy.  The OM sound helps the devotee to concentrate on the supreme god.



Thus Ringing of the bell is very important part of Puja ceremony at any House of an ideal Hindu. 



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