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Cow Dung Cakes-Pack of 10 pieces-4.5 Inches(Approximate)
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Cow Dung Cakes-Pack of 10 pieces-4.5 Inches(Approximate)

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Cow dung cakes can be used yajnas or homa and in various ceremonial activities. They are made of Desi or Indian cows manure. They create a pure and holy atmosphere when burnt. The smoke clears the air of germs. When we offer ghee in fire as part of ritualistic sacrifices, it strengthens the ozone layer and shields the earth from harmful radiations from Sun.

Traditional wisdom says that in burning these cow dung cakes, the temperature never rises beyond a certain point, ensuring the nutrients in the food are not destroyed by overheating.

These cakes are available in various shapes, sizes and quantity as per your requirement for puja / havan / agnihotra needs.

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