Lord Hanuman-Significance of Worship

Lord Hanuman-Significance of Worship

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Lord hanuman -The 9th Incarnation of Lord Shiva. A true devotee of Lord Ram. The preserver of truth, honesty and dedication on earth. He is considered to be a true killer of all evil forms on earth.

It is believed that Hanuman is the only lord which saves human beings from Evil in this kali yuga.


Lord Hanuman is associated with bravery, honesty, loyalty, and valour of the highest order. Lord Hanuman or the Monkey God also represents wisdom and intellect, along with friendship and love. He is the epitome of devotion and dedication in Hindu mythology.



Hanuman is pure devotion, humility and strength – He is the perfect being. But what does the term hanuman mean? It is believed that Hanuman got His name after being struck by the Vajra Ayudha (thunderbolt) of Indra on his jaw while attempting to snatch the Sun. Thus Hanuman means ‘one with a broken cheek.’


One meaning of Hanuman is ‘without any ego’. Hanu means to kill and man means ego. Therefore, a man who has killed his ego is known as Hanuman. 

Some scholars and saints are also of the opinion that Hanuman means manifested existence of Supreme Consciousness that permeates in all. 



Ha means ‘Supreme Spirit.’ It is also another name of Lord Shiva.

Nu means ‘that which permeates’

Man means ‘manifested’ 



Lord Hanuman -The Incarnation of Lord Shiva is a Blessed lord. Lord Hanuman was blessed from all lords. Brahma gave Hanuman a boon that would protect him from the irrevocable Brahma's curse. Brahma also said: "Nobody will be able to kill you with any weapon in war." From Brahma he obtained the power of inducing fear in enemies, of destroying fear in friends, to be able to change his form at will and to be able to easily travel wherever he wished.


According to Shastras, Lord Hanuman is a form of Lord Shiva. He was born in Vayudev’s ansh and womb of Ma Anjana, who was the wife Kesari who was an ape. Kesari and Anjana used to remain unhappy as they had no kid. On the advice of Matang rishi, Ma Anjana prayed for 12 years after which Lord Hanuman was born.


From Shiva, he obtained the boons of longevity, scriptural wisdom and ability to cross the ocean. Shiva assured the safety of Hanuman with a band that would protect him for life.

Indra blessed him that the Vajra weapon will no longer be effective on him and his body would become stronger than Vajra.


Varuna blessed baby Hanuman with a boon that he would always be protected from water. Agni blessed him with immunity to burning by fire. Surya gave him two siddhis of yoga namely "laghima" and "garima", to be able to attain the smallest or to attain the biggest form. Yama, the God of Death blessed him healthy life and free from his weapon danda, thus death would not come to him. Kubera showered his blessings declaring that Hanuman would always remain happy and contented. Vishwakarma blessed him that Hanuman would be protected from all his creations in the form of objects or weapons. Vayu also blessed him with more speed than he himself had. Kamadeva also blessed him that the appeal of sex will not be effective on him. So his name is also Baal Bramhachari.



Lord Hanuman is also known as Chiranjeevi which means an immortal and also Omnipresent. It is said that he is available at all time where is there is bhajan of lord Sri Ram is going on. Some also consider hanuman lives in the Himalayas.


To experience his ephemeral presence and divine bliss one needs to visit a hanuman temple on Saturday and Tuesday.


Shri Sankat  Mochan Hanuman Temple 



Some of the hanuman temples are quite famous to get the blessing like Sankat Mochan in Varanasi, Kasapuram near guntakal of Andhra Pradesh.

He has freed Lord Shani dev from the prison in Lanka. Ravan has put Shani dev in prison and lord hanuman let him escape from it. Hence Shani is devoted to hanuman and anyone with problems of Shani in his astrology can approach hanuman for a solution.

How to worship lord hanuman:

Hanuman can be worshipped by anyone and at any place. But one requires to be leading a righteous life.


1.      Go to Hanuman temple every Tuesday and Saturday with a clean and fresh mind.


2.      Chant hanuman’s name regularly like in the morning after rising and at night before bed.


3.      Avoid non-vegetarian food especially on Saturday’s and Tuesdays.


4.      If one is suffering from long standing diseases then he or she has to refrain from consuming non-veg food for effective and fast relief from health problems.


5.      Read hanuman Chalisa at least once in a day till you overcome your problems in life. It is a 40 line ritual written by poet Tulasi das who is said to have got the divine appearance of lord hanuman.


6.      On Saturdays to worship lord hanuman, bath with sesame seeds on the head, go to hanuman temple and leave sesame, sugar and red gram (pigeon pea) do it for 11 weeks and you will see a real miracle by the turn out of your problems.


7.      Light a lamp or deep with sesame oil daily or at least every Saturday.



8.      If one has a heart problem or anxiety or some mental stress, he or she has to chant hanuman Chalisa as many times as possible in a day.


Lord Hanuman represents Consciousness -highly evolved prana or life energy. Lord Hanuman is very simple and compassionate, yet he is also very powerful and courageous. He never hesitates to bestow the quickest and the most abundant benefits to his devotee. Lord Hanuman makes one brave and fearless.


Why should one pray to lord hanuman?   


Lord Hanuman




a) If one has problems in marriage life, hanuman chanting and worship helps overcome the issues. Lord hanuman is also a guru or teacher. So he is a solution to all problems in one’s life. Some say it is not good to pray god hanuman as he is the bachelor but the fact is he is the one who helped Lord Sri Ram get united with Sita after they were separated by Ravan.


b) If one feels that he is entangled with problems in career or family and is unable to get out, then lord hanumans bless is a must for fast and quick recovery from it.


c) If you have long-standing health problems of heart, brain etc, then lord hanuman’s prayer will give immense relief.


d) Those having mental or psychological problems like depression, anxiety, fear should chant hanuman Chalisa. Chanting of hanuman Chalisa makes you feel confident and also gives mind. God Hanuman’s prayers will help you overcome negative attitude and induce courage.


e) If you are in debt and facing problems to repay or if you have lent money and is irrecoverable, then hanuman prayers are the best solutions.


f) Chanting hanuman and praying lord hanuman on regular basis helps one stay disciplined, achieve greater heights in life and career.


g) For those in infatuation for a girl or boy or so called love failure to overcome the agony and sorrow, hanuman chalisa and worship brings immense relief to the heart. It also helps overcome those thoughts of infatuation and one can have a pleasant mind.


H) Hanuman prayers also helps one overcome bad habits like corruption, adultery, laziness, fickle mindedness, procrastination etc. It brings in confident and stable mind.


I)                   If you are said to be affected by Shani Dasha, then praying hanuman is beneficial. Even if you are advised to wear a blue sapphire an astrological gemstone, still consider hanuman worship for remedy. It is quite safer to worship than go for a gemstone directly on advice. Those having weak sun preferring to wear ruby stone can also pray to lord hanuman.


J) If you are lagging behind in education, hanuman prayer beside lord Ganesha will give beneficial results.


Hanuman Mantras:

Hanuman Mantra - 1

Recite this Hanuman Mantra for getting physical strength, stamina and power.

ॐ हनुमते नमः |

Om Hanumate Namah

Hanuman Mantra - 2

हं पवन ननदनाय स्वाहा |

Hang Pawan Nandnaay Swaahaa.

Hanuman Mantra - 3

This Hanuman Mantra is a very secret mantra with unlimited power in it. This Hanuman mantra brings instant results. One becomes exceptionally powerful by chanting this hanuman mantra.

हं हनुमते रुद्रात्मकाय हुं फट् |

Hang Hanumate Rudraatmakaay Hung Phatt.


Hanuman Mantra - 4

Recite this Hanuman Mantra 21000 times to eradicate diseases, evil spirits and other types of disturbances in life.

ॐ नमो भगवते आंजनेयाय महाबलाय स्वाहा |

Om Namo Bhagvate Aanjaneyaay Mahaabalaay Swaahaa.



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