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Organic Rat Repellent 100ml
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Organic Rat Repellent 100ml

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Biorep Rodent Repellent for Rats is a proprietary blend of organic oils that are scientifically formulated to aggravate the senses of all rodents. The vapors/smell discharged by oil (though pleasant to humans), are a powerful irritant that disorients the rat’s sensitive nervous system. You might say our formula gets rid of rats through a naturally powerful, yet non-harmful, Biorep is organic, It is safe to use around children, plants and pets. Our formula uses only natural ingredients. No Chemicals. No Poisons. No Traps. No Harm. Our rat repellent does not even harm the rat you wish to get rid of! Which other product does all that?

Product features:
  • Organic and Eco friendly
  • Non poison & Non allergic
  • Biorep Repells Rats & Keep away
  • Safe for humans and house pets
  • No residue
  • Organic / Natural, Be safe and protect with Biorep
Unique features:
  • Easy to use Naturally powerful Rat Repellent
  • Get rid of Rats
  • Natural – Powerful Natural Repellent
  • Easiest – No sprinkle, No Mess, Just Spray
  • Safest – Around children, Plants and Pets
  • Guaranteed – to Repel Rats.
100 ml, 500 ml, 5lit

Natural / Organic from garlic, clove, onion and wintergreen oil & aqua base.


Just spray from the easy applicator around the areas you want to protect. Apply 2-3 days continuously then occasionally as per your requirement.

For commercial applications like industries, and food storage area apply regularly.

No messy APPLICATION, or contraptions that require constant attention. Or cleaning dead rat without knowing where is the body.

Our guarantee is this simple: Use Biorep Rodent Repellent as directed. WE SURE you will refer at least two of your friends or you gift our product to your near & dear one.

Biorep™ Products doesn’t kill, but keep them away.

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