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Organic Snake Repellent 500ml
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Organic Snake Repellent 500ml

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A barrier derived from natural plant oils. Biorep™ Snake Repellent keeps snakes away from lawns, gardens, house perimeters, patios, sheds and more. Its patented formula triggers an “escape and avoid†reaction in snakes causing them to flee the area.

Product features:
  • Organic and Eco friendly
  • Non poison & Non allergic
  • Biorep repells snakes & keeps away
  • Easy to apply, simply spray the designated area
  • Be safe and protect with Biorep
  • Organic / Natural
Unique features:
  • Natural
  • Non-lethal barrier
  • Triggers an ‘escape and avoid’ reaction in snakes
  • Derived from plant oils and is 100% biodegradable
  • Easy to use spray bottles
100 ml, 500 ml, 5lit

Precaution : Avoid direct contact with eyes and mouth.


Use around home, swimming pools, decks, wood piles, flower beds, garages, gardens, building foundations, sand boxes, dog houses, boat houses, campsites, trailers, etc…
Do not water after application.

Biorep™ Products doesn’t kill, but keep them away.

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