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Parad Mala Round Bead 6 MM
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Parad Mala Round Bead 6 MM

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Parad / Mercury / Rasmani is considered as one of the purest and auspicious of metals

Description: According to ancient Vedas Parad is considered as one of the purest and auspicious of all metals. Parad not only has religious importance but also used in medical importance. Parad mala can be made by strung together in the form of a rosary and used either for jap or worn around the neck or waist to get protection against evil spirits and negative vibrations. Many of diseases like heart ailments, stress, mental depression, etc. are found to be cured by Parad mala. Sometimes it is more advantageous in controlling various diseases like High Blood Pressure, Asthma and increase the Sex Power. Parad also has very significance role in Ayurveda. Parad is to be proved favorable from Astrological as well as Scientific usage.

Benefits or Uses:

  • Using of Parad or mala gets free from Vaastu dosha and tantrik dosha.
  • The Parad can be used for curing diseases like heart ailments, body pains, eye power, tension, depression, blood pressure and insomnia.
  • Parad can awaken the Kundlnis power.
  • Parad increases the will power, memory power.
  • Parad makes the physical body powerful, agile and lustrous.
  • Parad enhances the association with Lord Shiva and benefits in meditation and spiritual routine, it brings peace, contentment, concentration, dhyana and supports in Samadhi.
  • The Parad Mala is capable in helping the worshipper who is mentally, physically, financially and intellectually ill.
  • Worship with parad rosary will help in bringing instant wealth, Luck, position , fame and name in the life of a native.

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