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Puri Jagannath Prasad
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Puri Jagannath Prasad

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Lord Jagannath Temple Puri

Main Deity

Lord Krishna as the main deity along with Brother Lord Balaram & sister Subhadra


  • One of the dhams of the Char Dham yatra that every Hindu is supposed to undertake once in their lifetime.
  • World famous for its Rathayatra or the Car festival held every June/July every year.
  • It is the biggest temple in Odisha and has a history of over 1000 years.
  • Unique facts about the temple include the temple flag flying in the opposite direction of the wind; the Sudarshana Chakra atop the temple seen facing the devotee from wherever seen; Land & Sea breeze in reverse directions; the shadow of the main dome falling within its foundation - so it is never visible; Food is cooked in a vessel which comprises 7 pots one on top of the other - but the top pot food always gets cooked first.

Myths / Legends

The temple was first built by Vishwakarma the architect of the Devas under the instructions of King Indrayumna after the Lord appeared in his dream. The Lord then appears as a log of wood in the seas and instructed the King to have the temple’s deities made from it. The Lord himself appeared as the carpenter who was commissioned with the task of carving the deities. The carpenter asked to be left alone undisturbed till the sculpting was completed. Indrayumna’s queen got curious after 2 weeks and got the doors opened. Only the unfinished idols were found and a Divine voice instructed the king to have them installed in the temple as they were. This legend finds mention in the Rig Veda the oldest of the Vedas. This is the only temple where unfinished idols are worshipped.

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