Religion and Spirituality-Which one to follow?

Religion and Spirituality-Which one to follow?

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World over a lot of people having different thought about whether to follow a particular religion or to go spiritual. There is Delima whether Religion which teaches us to follow God is correct or path of spirituality is correct where inner self is important. But in today's context where a person is so busy in daily chores, a religion which tells us to lead a correct life is the ideal path.

Religion –The belief system of an individual as to which God he or she worship either in physical form or as the supreme power.
We all agree to the fact that there exists some supreme power which controls birth and death of all living organisms. But hardly anyone has seen him. We all know him by several names like Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva and other names to follow like Ganesha, Durga, and Saraswati. The list can be long as 3 thousand or maybe more. Well, these are all present in the rich Indian Scriptures and other religious books. They are all written by Sages and other Persons of immense aura. The sacred scriptures likeRamayana, Mahabharata, Bhagwat Gita and Vedas, Smriti etc which holds the description of ancient culture tells that religion is a body of Beliefs. It is the religion only which makes people prevent from doing wrong and when properly practised by an individual lays a strong foundation of value system.
Spirituality- The way by which an individual focuses oneself on his soul rather than being attached to material possessions.
Well as stated in Bhagwat Gita the soul is the only possession which an individual has not even the body. The individual needs to make his soul pure in order to attain the path of Salvation or Moksha. Now in order to know the truth we need to experience what is good and bad?
This is not possible once we start living in this materialistic world where success is measured by how much we earn rather than by the things we know or understand. Even if we do all good and do not lie it is not possible to live a truthful life and for business or service, we need to lie.
So even knowing oneself to the depth is possible.
So now the question is how to become pure in this materialistic world and avoid doing sin?  Well for that we need to ponder on how those great sages lived their lives. We need to study those rich scriptures in depth and discover the truth.
 We need to find a right Guru who can help us attain enlightenment with right Knowledge.
 In my opinion following any religion and worshiping God will help us reach the right path. Every religion tells us to follow the right path and can lead us to attain salvation if we focus on true methods with a right Guru.
The above thoughts are just my own thoughts which can be discussed among the people to help humanity attain the right path.


Your thoughts on the above-written material are welcome.

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