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Rudraksh 5 Face Nepal
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Rudraksh 5 Face Nepal

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“Rudraksh” etymologically in Sanskrit means ‘Rudra- Lord Shiva’ and ‘Aksh-Tears’ hence also termed as “Tears of Lord Shiva”. Aksh also represents A (?) to Ksh (???) which represents all the Varnas of Sanskrit.

Rudraksh is one of the best intended gifts of the nature for rosary in meditation. The natural hole in the centre helps us to make a mala/ rosary. The holes in Rudraksh at the two ends are believed to be the connection between heaven & earth.

Rudraksh carries a religious and a spiritual place in ancient texts. Rudraksh is the most favoured among Lord Shiva devotees as their Lord dons the same. Rudraksh and Rudraksh Mala/Rosary are good for meditation as they help to open and amplify the spiritual plane of the person. Rudraksh also helps in fighting ailments and fear and washes off all the viciousness of body and soul.

Rudraksh are further categorised as per Mukhi or face. The grooves on the bead represents the Mukhi/Face. Each Mukhi/Face is adorned for a particular objective and ruled by different deities & planets.

Panch Mukhi / Five Face Rudraksh

Panch Mukhi Rudraksh is also known as ‘Dev Guru Rudraksh’ because of its ruling planet, Jupiter (also known as Guru; Guru of Gods). The ruling deity is Lord Kalagni, a form of Lord Shiva. Panchmukhi Rudraksh destroys all the sins committed intentionally or unintentionally by a person and helps him to live a peaceful and a blissful life. It also protects the person from accidental deaths. The Panchmukhi Rudraksh is important for saadhna/meditation.

The ruling planet of Panch Mukhi Rudraksh is Jupiter.

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