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Rose Quartz Full Buddha
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Rose Quartz Full Buddha

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Rose Quartz Buddha is a form of Buddhism and Buddhist art. Place this masterful work of art on any wall to enhance your home or office. The energy of rose quartz is pure softness, gentleness, sweet love and healing. Rose quartz soothes and washes away the pain, disappointment and any other negative energies that might have closed your heart.

Rose quartz is considered a master healer when it comes to all love related matters – be it lack of self-love or painful romantic love experiences.

Because rose quartz is so powerfully connected to your heart, and because it constantly radiates a soothing flow of love, this is the absolute best feng shui crystal for any bedroom, be it an adult bedroom or a child‘s bedroom.

Disclaimer - The natural stones found in our items will include markings, inclusions or other patterning due to this being a natural in its form, sizes can be approximate.

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