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Red Jasper Reiki Pyramid
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Red Jasper Reiki Pyramid

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Red Jasper Pyramids and are wonderful for energy work. Pyramids are a form of Sacred Geometry and help to amplify any vibration. These Red Jasper Pyramids are wonderful to use in Crystal Grids as the center as they can help to collect and focus energy. Pyramids also make wonderful shapes for display and are great for any meditation corner. Combine the power of Red Jasper with the Sacred Geometry of a Pyramid.

Speciality of this pyramid is it is engraved by reiki symbols and attuned and charged by reiki grandmaster which multiplies the healing power.

Red Jasper is a very calming stone and stimulates the Root Chakra. Many Native American cultures consider Red Jasper to symbolize the blood of the Earth, and these Red Jasper Pyramids stone are full of grounding Earth energy. A gentle stone, Red Jasper works slowly but surely, and is a good stone to ground anyone overly sensitive to crystalline energy. Red Jasper aids in resolving difficult situations and can be used to ground and stabilize the Aura.

Red Jasper Stone carries a strong spiritual grounding vibration, and resonates within the lower three chakras... the sacral, base and earth chakras.

Its action takes the energy from the base chakra and grounds it to Mother Gaia. It creates a strong connection to the earth and this is very helpful for emotional equilibrium and spiritual grounding.

It gives deep insight into personal difficulties and gives you a strong sense of stability. This stone is also a powerful aid to the process of raising the kundalini

This Red stone has been found in a large number of locations... including India, Russia, Brazil, Germany, France and the USA.

Uses of Red Jasper
  • Works On Root Chakra as Called Earth Star
  • Despite on That it Helps Stablising Energy In Sacral Chakra As well Invite Luck
  • For Job, Relationship, Business Healing
  • Very Strong Protection Stone
  • Can Stop Negative Vibrations Coming Into Your Aura
  • Various Other Numerous Benefits

Disclaimer - The natural stones found in our items will include markings, inclusions or other patterning due to this being a natural in its form, sizes can be approximate.

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