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Sri Lakshmi Narayan Yantra
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Sri Lakshmi Narayan Yantra

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Lakshmi Narayana Yantra

Why Lakshmi Narayana Yantra?

How would life seem to you if you are the master of all riches, standing unbeatable in all your endeavors? It is an easy affair to accomplish if Lord Vishnu invigorates your power and Goddess Lakshmi showers riches on you forever! Lakshmi Narayana Yantra will doubly energize you with the power of Vishnu and Lakshmi, as well.

Speciality of Lakshmi Narayana Yantra

Your life will be a heaven on earth when you are power packed with the grace of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. Lord Vishnu’s energy will protect you against all the dangers and gift you with courage, confidence and success; Goddess Lakshmi’s energy will encircle you with positivity and bless you with wealth, happiness, money gains and luxuries.

The geometric patterns engraved on the Yantra will invite the God and Goddess to your home; the radiations of the Yantra will rejuvenate your body and soul. It will magnetize all the best things of life towards you. Cherish the best side of life forever!

Mantra for Lakshmi Narayana Yantra

"Om Shreem Sri Lakshmi Narayana Devaya Namaha"

Lakshmi Narayana Yantra energizes the lives of:

  • Persons who seek elegant results.
  • Business holders who yearn to establish their power.
  • People who struggle to achieve success in their efforts.
  • People who desire to accumulate wealth and luxuries.
  • People who aspire to stand unbeatable in life.
  • People who desire to master prosperity consciousness.

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